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Forms & Documents

Learner Handbook

Elementary Learner & Parent Handbook

Title 1 Information

Parent and Family Engagement Policy

Parent Right to Know Letter

School Parent Compact

Absence Excuse Card

Within three days of a student’s absence from school, it is necessary for a parent/guardian to provide the school a reason for their child’s absence.

Please complete this form with the name of your child, grade, date(s) of absence and/or tardy, reason and parent/guardian signature.

Absence Excuse Card

Appointment Call In - Parent Note

Appointment Call In - Parent Note

Appointment Excusal Card

Appointment Excusal Card

Change of Address Form

It is important to notify the district of a change of address to ensure that records and letters are sent to the correct home.

Proof of Residency is required.

One of the following documents is required to verify the parent/guardian's name and address within the district:

Please return the completed form and all associated paperwork to:

Manheim Central District Office
281 White Oak Road
Manheim, PA 17545

  • Mortgage Statement
  • Lease or Renter's Agreement
  • Utility Bill (such as Phone, Electric, or Water Service)

Change of Address Form

Educational Trip Form

In accordance with Policy 204, pupils may be excused from school attendance to participate in an educational trip in accordance with state attendance regulations.  Such travel shall be at the expense of the parent and be subject to direction and supervision by an adult acceptable to the district Superintendent and to the parents of the pupils concerned.

Approval for these trips shall be requested in writing on forms provided by the district (link below).  Requests should be submitted one (1) week prior to the date of the trip.  Forms will not be accepted after the trip.

Educational Trip Form

Formulario de viaje educativo (espanol)

Transportation - Kindergarten Drop-Off Procedures

Parents who wish to designate another adult or older sibling responsible for receiving their kindergarten student at the bus stop must complete the "Waiver and Release Kindergarten Drop Off Form."

The form is available below, and must be returned to the Transportation Coordinator at the District Office - 281 White Oak Road, Manheim PA 17545.

Kindergarten Drop-Off Procedures

Transportation - Alternate Change Request

Parents who wish to make a permanent change in transportation arrangements, such as a bus stop change, must complete the "Transportation Request Form" and submit it to the Transportation Coordinator at the District Office - 281 White Oak Road, Manheim PA 17545.

Please allow several days for the new bus assignment to take effect, and be aware that you may need to make alternate transportation arrangements during that time.

Alternate Transportation Request Form